63-65 West 125TH Street, Harlem, NY
The over-all office layout is inspired by Feng Shuey and Green Design. All the materials are selected to be environmentally friendly, including the flooring, wall cover, and furniture. The office is divided into three main spaces: lobby with hallway gallery, conference space for public and private meetings, and private office space. The office entrance has an accent “living wall”, fabricated only with green plants, welcoming the people into open gallery space. The lobby is divided into gallery/ hallway, and reception/ waiting area, accentuated by beautiful bamboo floor and green wall. The conference room has a round modular conference table for about 12 people that can be used as both conference table and classroom individual desks, to increase flexibility of the space. The office has private office rooms, open desks and small kitchenette for private use. Overall, the layout is open and filled with natural daylight.

  • Category: Corporate Interior
  • Client: McKissack
  • Project Year: 2014