Carman Basement Lounge
Although the existing Carman Lounge has inherent beautiful qualities, including a dramatic terrazzo stair entry, large windows, high ceilings; the space has served its time. The first impression of the Carman Basement Lounge was a lack of life in the space. The new design by Aaris has further open up the space by proposing a “living column” (green wall) at the entry of the space. The lounge will be divided into four spaces: Entry from the first floor to the waiting area, café-area which is connected to the existing kitchen, a stage area for formal and informal lecture and performance, and small study/gathering area with study boards. The performance area will be suitable for opening mike sessions and other performances. The kitchen will be connected visibly by elongated windows to the lounge and spatially with a new door opening. The kitchen and the café area of the lounge will further be connected by the use of similar floor tiling and accents. The over-all design consisted of the green-friendly material, flexible furniture for flexible arrangement of the space.

  • Category: Education
  • Client: Columbia University
  • Project Year: 2012