The burial ground is widely considered to be one of America’s most significant archaeological finds of the 20th century. It is the country’s oldest known and largest urban African cemetery.

It is also the largest colonial-era archaeological find in America. In 1933, the burial ground was designated a National Historic Landmark and subsequently under the authority of the Antiquities Act of 1906, a 15,000 square foot portion of this site including the memorial was proclaimed a National Monument, on February 27, 2006.

The African Burial Ground Memorial was designed by Rodney Leon and Nicole Hollant-Denis.

Architectural Design Team:
Nicole Hollant-Denis, AIA, Co-Designer and Managing Architect
Rodney Leon, RA, Lead Designer and Lead Architect
Monica Aliaga Robles, Job Captain
Damien Bernidan, Staff
Gustavo Goldman, Staff
Pascale Saint-Louise, Staff
Adam Wapniak, Staff

Civil Engineering Consultants:
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services

Landscape Design Consultants
Elizabeth Kennedy

Structural Engineering Consultants
Robert Silman Associates

Lighting Design Associates
Domingo Gonzalez Associates Inc.

MEP Engineering Consultants
Marino Gerazounis & Jaffe Associates

HRH Construction, LLC.

Pool Design Consultant
Gerald Palevsky P.E.

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  • Category: Culture
  • Client: U.S. Government
  • Project year: