Haitian American United for Progress

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HAUP (Haitian Americans United for Progress) is a nonprofit community-based organization dedicated to empowering and serving the community. HAUP is dedicated to providing a supportive environment through education, training, culture, networking opportunities, and other support services, allowing members of the community to successfully adapt and thrive. The existing facility is unable to properly house the functions of the organization, and HAUP is in the process completely rebuilding a new facility at the same location.The main design idea behind the new HAUP building was inspired by the Haitian “Tambou” or a drum that has been the main source of communication in Haiti’s early history. The central glass Tambou is flanked by formal tower elements, which are symbolic of West African architecture. The building, while being expanded to become a suitable office and meeting location, gains an undeniable cultural link from the present to the past and into to an optimistic future for the local community it serves.